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Emily and Associates specializes in providing skills training to assist your leaders and employees in learning. Learning can only occur when training is relevant. We tailor all of our training workshops to your industry and current organizational issues. Since learning extends beyond the training workshop, we design programs that maximize the transfer of knowledge and skills back to the work environment. Your return on investment will be skilled leaders and employees who are ready to contribute to organizational success. Our other training services include training needs assessments, instructional design, and train-the-trainer workshops. Here is a list of our training workshops:

Leadership/Management/Supervisory Development

Multi-day programs or individual workships based on the organizational culture and needs of the group.

Topics may include:

  • Role of the leader/manager or supervisor
  • Meeting management
  • Performance management/coaching
  • Diversity
  • Time management/delegation
  • Leading organizational change
  • People skills/communication
  • Team development
  • Problem-solving/decision-making

Team Skills
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Style differences (using the MBTI tool)
  • Stress management
  • Meeting/facilitation skills
  • Project planning
  • Coping with change

Cultural Diversity
  • Cultural diversity awareness
  • Management and diversity: our responsibilities
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

Performance Management
  • Motivation and performance
  • Facilitating the performance evaluation discussion
  • Setting team and individual goals
  • Giving and writing feedback with skill and confidence
  • Coaching/career development

–Emily has been an instructor with the San Francisco State, College of Extended Learning Human Resource program for over ten years. She is one of our top teachers consistently receiving the highest evaluations from our students. Students always appreciate her enthusiastic interactive learning style and her incredible breadth of knowledge. Emily also served as my Human Resources Program Advisor for three years and was my constant source for guidance. I would absolutely recommend Emily!!
Lauren Vanett, Program Director, San Francisco State University

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