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Organizational and Team Effectiveness Highlights

Emily Jarosz and participants enjoying team building session.

Organizational Effectiveness
  • Completed an organizational effectiveness assessment and worked with the senior management team to implement a reorganization, new administrative infrastructure, and strategic planning.
  • Partnered with a CEO for two years on organizational change strategies.
  • Completed a quality of work life assessment resulting in an executive report; designed and conducted a one-day retreat for the whole organization—over 100 staff in the room.
  • Due to poor morale and turnover, completed an organizational assessment for a non-profit; identified key issues/recommendations to the board of directors; assisted the leaders in the implementation of the recommendations.
  • Developed a "transition plan" (communication strategy, training, operational activities) to support a reorganization of 1,200 employees.
  • Completed an assessment and intervention regarding a 10-year conflict between office staff and management, resulting in better morale and communication.
Team Effectiveness
  • Facilitated a series of senior staff meetings that resulted in improved decision-making, role clarity and more efficient meetings for this team.
  • Completed an assessment with a team in conflict. Analysis and recommendations were presented in a written report.
  • Provided strategic consulting to an executive team trying to improve productivity with a faltering work group that they oversee.
  • Completed an assessment regarding the challenges of project-based management and work group leadership; facilitated an action-planning session regarding the results.
  • Using the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, designed and facilitated two dynamic half-day sessions for team-building for over 25 intact groups.
  • To move a team from a hierarchical to work-team environment, designed and delivered training programs on problem-solving, meeting facilitation skills, communication, and project management.
  • Designed and facilitated a three-day session for a national IT management team about a new organization design, shifting performance expectations, and professional development.

–Organizational change is never easy. As the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, I needed the assistance and guidance of an external consultant who had organizational savvy, understanding of individual/team dynamics, and, most importantly, could engender trust in a fractious organization. Emily Jarosz perfectly fit the bill. Recently, she has helped me create a new team-based, performance-oriented structure in our organization. Whether it was analyzing team conflict, developing a management team, or providing practical tools that all staff could apply, Emily was superb. Her depth of experience and flexibility of skills (coaching, consulting and training) were exactly what we needed to move us forward!
Alan Lessik, Executive Director, San Francisco School Volunteer

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