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Performance Management Highlights

Emily with a workshop attendant. Employees in a workshop.
Consultation / Facilitation

  • Created a new performance evaluation system (design, forms, instructional materials, etc., which included a self-evaluation component.
  • Using separate employee and management task forces, identified issues with the current performance evaluation system; recommendations presented to senior management.
  • Designed a new performance evaluation and compensation system for the executive director; assisted the board of directors with implementation; designed and implemented a subordinate evaluation feedback program for the executive director.
  • Designed and implemented a 360-degree feedback process for key managers in a large department.
  • Using leadership competencies, designed a succession planning and career and professional development systems. Starting with the executive team, worked with consecutive groups of managers to implement the system.
  • Designed a performance planning system.
  • Designed a team and individual performance goal-setting model for a large organization and tailored it to 17 different facilities.
  • Taught a two-day a "Performance Management" class for ten years as part of the Human Resource program at San Francisco State University, College of Extended Learning.
  • Designed a full-day "Facilitating the Performance Evaluation Meeting" workshop; instructional design and train-the-trainer materials purchased by the client; co-taught eight classes with future instructors.
  • Trained 200 new team leaders on setting goals, motivation, giving feedback, and performance tracking.
  • Taught two workshops on completing/writing self-assessments as part of the performance evaluation process. This is the second time in four years.
  • Designed and taught three, -day modules as part of a new management training program; modules included performance planning, coaching, and the feedback discussion.
  • Taught a workshop on "Motivation and Performance".
  • Designed a "Giving and Receiving Feedback" workshop as part of a new a 360-degree performance feedback system.

–The executive performance evaluation and compensation system was not working for the Board of Directors or the participants. Emily created a flexible and fair system, which provides for accurate and relevant performance measures tied to a pay-for-performance compensation system. The system also contains a professional development component. We have been using the system for three years, and it continues to meet our needs! Emily knows how to work with a complex set of variables, people, and environments to create a practical and accessible product.
Bud Dougherty, Executive Director, California School Employees Association

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