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  • Facilitated a two-day team-building retreat for a new management team, focusing on team communication, role clarification, and new projects.
  • Identified core leadership competencies and designed a succession planning system, which included professional development and career coaching components. Starting with the executive team, worked with consecutive groups of managers to implement the system.
  • Completed a leadership assessment for an executive team, resulting in the creation of individual professional development plans.
  • Provided leadership development for an executive director through designing and implementing a 360-degree feedback process; results were translated into an action plan.
  • Designed and facilitated a six month management development program based on management competencies; key components included peer coaching, executive participation, participant presentations. The client has repeated this successful program for three consecutive years.
  • As part of a year-long leadership program for high potential managers, designed and facilitated three workshops: "Leading Change", "Planning, Organizing and Delegating", and "Dynamics of Effective Meetings".
  • Based on a new strategic organizational direction, designed and taught a three-day management and a three-day supervision program.
  • Coached a senior executive on leadership, staff reorganization, improving productivity and team-functioning. Several years later, he credits his department's stellar performance with the foundational work we established in the coaching relationship.
  • Coached a newly promoted manager for four months to gain credibility among his supervisors and to enhance his management skills. His manager reported back that he is a confident and high-functioning manager.
  • Coached a department head for six months on improving the "people-skills" component of his leadership style. As a result, staff morale has increased.

–When I became a manager, I had over 23 years of supervisory experience. I thought that all my skills would just carry over and the transition would be simple. I had no idea how different the two positions would be from one another. My process was not only to learn how to be a manager, but to pioneer a new position. Not only that, I was to manage my former peers who had also competed for the job. I was really struggling. Thank God for Emily. Her skill as an instructor of an eight week course for new managers, her individual coaching prowess, and her expertise at conducting an all-day session with my team members to write a mission statement and review roles, responsibilities, and expectations were pivotal in creating the turning point in my career! Emilyís insight into my workload, work habits, work team, and organization were extremely intuitive. She validated, supported, encouraged, and cajoled me to achieve and make progress in areas that I never dreamed possible. She helped me rise to the leadership challenge. Most importantly she taught me that I could not succeed without everyone succeeding; the job is not a competition but reciprocal relationships. Emily is people smart! I couldnít have done it without her.
Margaret Kelley, Interpretive Services Manager, East Bay Regional Park District

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