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Cultural Diversity Highlights

Emily Jarosz with a Diversity Council; she facilitated their program and meetings for three years.

  • Designed and delivered a half-day “Cultural Diversity Awareness” training. workshop for a high-potential leadership development program for three consecutive years.
  • Taught staff in a non-profit, who provide housing needs to immigrants and homeless, on “Cross-Cultural Communication”.
  • Taught thousands of employees/managers on the topic of “Preventing Sexual Harassment in the workplace”; developed train-the-trainer materials; coached new trainers.
  • Completed an instructional design project on the five key diversity responsibilities for managers; co-facilitated all seven full-day training sessions.
  • Designed and conducted team workshops for diversity working styles' difference.
  • Designed a one-day employee diversity awareness training program; developed train-the-trainer materials and conducted instructor sessions; co-taught 27 classes with Diversity Council members.
Consultation and Facilitation
  • Completed a cultural diversity assessment for a research group, which included focus groups and an employee survey. Wrote an assessment report with recommendations. Worked with a management-employee diversity committee throughout all phases of the project.
  • Provided strategic direction for an organization-wide diversity project to an executive team. Completed a cultural diversity assessment, resulting in an executive report. Facilitated executive sessions on diversity strategy and culture change. Developed a three-year diversity implementation plan. For three years, assisted the client with the implementation plan. In 2004, the client, a public utility, won "Best Employer Award" for its region, in part due to the cultural diversity initiative.
  • Helped a client form a Diversity Council; facilitated meetings for three years, which were focused on educating the Council about cultural diversity and supporting their projects.
  • Facilitated an all-day management team retreat for cultural diversity awareness. The material was tailored to the leader’s new departmental vision.

–The District wanted to establish a comprehensive Diversity program tied to our strategic goals. Emily's organization development skills and her diversity philosophy were a perfect match. She has guided us through every phase of the program, gaining our trust and confidence. We established an organizational definition, ensured that senior management were leaders in diversity and completed a diversity assessment leading to a three action plan. In addition, we have purchased several of her training programs and she continues to facilitate our Diversity Council. Because of Emily's expertise, sensitivity to our culture and its employees, and overriding commitment to our success, we have an excellent program.
Pat Maxwell, Human Resources Director, Las Vegas Valley Water District

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