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Coaching Highlights

  • Coached a newly-appointed CEO of a large urban medical center for 10 months. Coaching areas include strategic planning, communicating his vision and values, adjusting his leadership style, managing difficult staff members, and presentations skills.
  • Coached a newly promoted CAO for seven months to assist her in working more effectively with her mercurial manager and heightening performance with direct reports.
  • Coached a high-potential manager for seven months. He has now been promoted to higher level management position with regional responsibilities and double the staff.
  • Coached a new supervisor four months on gaining credibility with staff and disciplining a transferred employee with performance problems. The supervisor is effectively working with ongoing staff and successfully terminated the performance problem employee.
  • Coached an office administrator in a law firm for eight months on employee relations and clarifying her role and communication style with the attorneys. The managing partner identified huge shifts in her behavior, and employee relations have smoothed out.
  • Coached an executive director on leadership development (assuming a more strategic role), style differences, interpersonal communication, team-functioning, and professional development. A final 360-degree feedback process indicated all original issues surfaced by staff had been resolved.
  • Coached a manager for 1.5 years on interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, curbing occasional emotional outbursts, and communication. The manager's director and colleagues reported significant and noticeable positive interpersonal behavior changes in three months. One year after coaching, a broad feedback evaluation indicated sustained behavior change.
  • Coached a manager for over four years who has received successive promotions, now at a vice-president level. Coaching areas included strategic planning, style-flexing communication, stress management, team development, time management, and adjusting her priorities and work methods to expanding responsibilities and staff (four to thirty).
  • Coached a front-line supervisor about his “people skills”; coached his manager on how to support the behavior change. As a result, staff complaints were reduced and the supervisor reported increased job satisfaction

–I worked with Emily over a year developing various aspects of my leadership competencies. I found her insight to be profound and her "outside" perspective helpful. With her ideas to "try this", I deepened my leadership strengths and worked on my limitations. I also learned new ways of working better with and getting more from the more challenging members of my staff. Emily is an excellent consultant, grounded in "real" theory and extensive experience, who I would recommend without hesitation.
Dr. Philip Madvig, Associate Executive Director, Kaiser Permanente

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