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Emily and Associates offers powerful one-on-one coaching services. What is coaching? Coaching is one of the most highly effective learning programs. A consultant works with an executive, manager or employee and develops a personalized learning agenda. Learning is maximized because coaching addresses immediate needs, provides practical tools and solutions, and facilitates persistent focus on agreed-to goals. The contracting process involves setting a specific time frame, clear expectations between the coach and client, and an assessment process. We offer the following types of coaching services:

Executives and Leaders
Leaders have enormous impact on the effective functioning of the organization (culture) and teams. A coach can assist with identifying where the "intent" of behavior/communication is different from "impact." In addition, a coach can identify how leadership style is aligned to organizational goals. Executive coaching is a process of establishing a trusting relationship where the coach and executive work in partnership. The ultimate outcome is a highly successful executive and organization.

The complexity of the business world requires peak performance. A manager/supervisor works with a coach to help them shift performance beyond current levels, e.g., improved communication skills, better time management, increasing staff's performance, etc. Similar to having a personal trainer in a gym, the coach is directing a learning process—providing useful information, structuring skill practice, and guiding the client to skill mastery. Because the coaching is immediate and relevant to current work assignments, the client incorporates the skill more efficiently and quickly. Developmental coaching may span for four months to a year depending on the client's agenda.

A manager or supervisor is having performance problems that may jeopardize his or her ability to continue in the position. Working with the client and client's supervisor, clear objectives, actions, educational activities, evaluation measures and timelines are established. The coach provides support and external accountability to the client and provides guidance to the client's supervisor. Intervention coaching often provides the additional boost necessary for performance changes.

–You have a very insightful, experienced, interactive, and gentle style of coaching that seems to focus exactly on the thoughts and actions that need attention. I have benefitted from being with you. I want to thank you for your help, which you have done expertly and when I needed it the most.
Dr. Robert Mithun, Physician-in-Chief, Kaiser Permanente, San Francsico

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